Bienvenue! We've got Champagne d'argent rabbits in South Vienna, OH (near Columbus)

As part of a belief in the necessity of sustainable, local nutrition, I grow as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible on my property. Rabbits play a key role in this lifestyle. 

I raise Champagne d'argent rabbits. In France, where the breed originated, it is called the Argenté de Champagne. The French name reveals two features of the breed. Firstly, "argenté," or "silver," refers to the metallic look that the breed's fur acquires over several months as it gradually changes from solid black as a kit to silver as an adult. Secondly, "de" or "from" Champagne indicates the French province where the breed became popular through the fur trade in the city of Troyes. 

While my rabbits-for-purchase are not registered or tatooed, they are from registered stock with pedigrees available upon request.